Faces of Love

Reaching another milestone in this new journey of mine is quite fulfilling. I’ve reached my third blog milestone. Hooray!

I’ve decided to challenge myself once more and tackle head on a topic that would interest almost everyone.

What could it be? Well it’s something elusive and unmeasurable. It’s definition has been revised through out the centuries and up to know it still causes numerous debates.

What else could it be but LOVE?

As a child, I used to think of this as something yucky. I remember vividly the grossed out face I used to make as I saw my parents acting lovingly towards each other.

Or the time when I would squeeze in between them since I hated the fact that they were holding hands. That and I simply didn’t want to have a brother or sister.

“Love is meant for me alone. It’s something not worth sharing.”

There was even a stage where I had sworn off boys and said they had cooties. Who needed boys when I had all the Barbie dolls to play with.

Preschool was quite bearable at most times. Yet recess would be a nuisance when “Mr Popular” would come by and sit beside me.

Oh how much I yelled at him. Why on earth wouldn’t he leave me alone, never the less keep tugging on the locks of my hair.

“Why is your hair all curly? You look like a poodle.”

A few years later, hormones finally set in. And that’s when I finally realised that boys weren’t some species from another planet. In fact some of them became decent looking enough to swoon over.

Hearing sweet words from your first crush as you sit across him, clumsily eating away a tub of ice cream, did bring butterflies in my stomach.

“Out of all the girls I know, you sure are the prettiest among them all.”

Receiving the first bouquet of flowers with shaking hands would always be a memory worth remembering of my first love.

The way his clumsy hands tried to unclasp the lock of the necklace. Although he failed quite miserably, this once brought a nervous laughter out of me.

An innocent first kiss at the sidelines of an abandoned basketball court where he regularly played his favourite game.

Like most fairy tales, time seemed to have frozen as we said our goodbyes. Tears endlessly streamed down my cheek the very moment I heard my heart break for the first time.

“Don’t regret something that once made you smile.”

Teenage years flew by quickly. What got me through the awkward years were numerous different faces.

A teacher who scolded me for bad behaviour yet showered me with praises in milestones worth congratulating.

My mother’s warm embrace as she shared with me the pains of failure. Words meant to comfort were quietly said as she held me close while I cried myself to sleep.

“It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Just vow to yourself to never commit the same mistakes again.”

Entering the reality of adult life was difficult. Gone were the protective wings of the people whom I relied on heavily.

Friendships were tested as harsh reality kicks in. While others became broken, a few friends turned into family.

Friendships evolved into sisterhood. A new found sister became a cheerleader, a confidant and the harshest critic rolled into one.

“We’ll never know what’s gonna happen but I have no doubt you’ll do well. Just remember to always work hard for we reap what we sow.”

Love has many faces. It could be innocent and pure, it could be unconditional, it could be passionate and it could be nourishing.

How we recognise them in our day to day life is simply the challenge.

What are the different kinds of love you know? Any thoughts you’d be willing to share?

❤️ Eva

© 2018 Eva Gamallo

Photo credits: freeimages.com

4 thoughts on “Faces of Love

  1. I do enjoy your thoughts on this matter, love comes in many forms. For me, love is the deepest emotion possible and it is separate from things like adoration, puppy love, lust, or infatuation. Love, at its core, is selfless.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey there Kayla. It is great bouncing off ideas from one person to another. It really does give you another perspective on how one sees things . Thank you for your insights. I really do appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

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