The Unsaid Goodbye

I used to believe people are brought together by fate. How else could you explain the sheer fact that two people were at the same place at the same moment in time.

The very first instance we met was surreal. As our eyes locked onto each other, he sent a shy smile in return. My heart leaped in reply.

No words could describe the ecstatic feelings shared between us. Since it was all new, everything felt exciting and thrilling.

Stolen glances, secret notes and clandestine randevu under the stars were treasures we both stored away in lock and key.

Photographs captured vividly the moments we once spent. The first was one summer day basking under the warm sun and the other a gloomy day we spent dancing under the rain.

What was shared by two became none. What was a fond moment turned bittersweet. Pain instantly turned things into a new perspective.

Crumpled love letters now torn into two. Shying away from places that once stood with us through it all.

  • No goodbyes were said since it didn’t matter anymore. We thought time would fix everything left unsaid. A silent agreement was shared between us as we believed that we would eventually grow out of it.
  • Years passed by and fate now turned cruel. Our paths crossed and became entangled yet again. How could it not when we lived under the same sky.

    Our eyes locked with one another once more. I felt something flutter. Was it still my heart or the new found butterflies in my stomach? Time stood still for a moment as onlookers watched tensely by the sidelines.

    The clock resumed its function and slowly ticked away. As if nothing happened we continued on our separate ways. There was nothing left to talk about.

    Hope you enjoyed it. What are your thoughts? Do you still remember your first heart break? If you do please share down below.

    ❤️ Eva

    © 2018 Eva Gamallo

    Photo credits:

    Text on Photo: © 2018 Eva Gamallo

    2 thoughts on “The Unsaid Goodbye

    1. I love this…!!! And the irony is that is exactly what the breaker of hearts said to me… some things are better left unsaid… mine is a very long story but the short of it is I fell in love with my cousin and when we found out we were related it was crushing… he was way more cultured than I was because I was actually willing to ignore that fun fact. He wasnt… and so…I think that was the first time my heart had ever been broken! In all fairness he wasnt a breaker of hearts he was just more decent than I was…and since it is not in our culture to date our cousins🙈😂😂

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      1. Oh wow thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it. It is sad to know that you received the very same line as me. At first I didn’t know how to react when he said this to me and yes my circumstance was quite similar from yours minus the cousin part. We weren’t cousins but back then I wasn’t allowed to date. We got caught and that was the end of it.

        Despite he circumstance, I think he made a very difficult decision in order to say this.

        But at the end of the day we learned this kind of sad love. Definitely an experience to remember and a source of good inspiration.


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