Story of One: The First Meeting


What if you were given 365 chances to fall love.

Would you fall at the first attempt?

Or would you make 364 more mistakes before realizing that it was real the very first time around?

Chapter one: Day 1/365

We both stood with our backs against the wall amidst the scorching warm summer heat. Many faces surrounded us. Some were familiar and some were new.

What stood out amongst all the faces were the friendly smiles shared with one other as a new person came into the room. It brought comfort, a ritual that stood out among the many firsts.

The atmosphere around us was likened to that of a first day at preschool. Where a child stands uneasily by the door refusing to the let go of their mother’s hand that provided the warmth and the security.

There was tension. How could there not be? Being in a room filled with strangers is not the easiest thing to do on one’s first day.

We finally said our greetings. Our hi and hellos were left standing in the air. Things didn’t have to be complicated and as simple as that we became friends.

He was dressed in smart clothing that was formal enough to impress yet comfortable enough to wear in the weather.

He had an easy going smile which showed his aloof nature that balanced well enough with his slightly guarded demeanor. His stance however had enough air to show his confidence baring the tiniest hint of arrogance.

The atmosphere wasn’t as melodramatic as to those in the movies. Time didn’t stand still for us nor was there an audience gawking with entertainment.

It was basically what you would expect in room crowded with people, a mixture of chit chat varying from one group to another.

What happened next seemed like a blur. From the moment we took our respective seats, to the formalities being said and various orientations given. It all happened too fast. To sum things up, we were all off to a good start.

We, being to him and I, finally started working at the same institution from that moment on. On a brighter note, having been assigned to the same group, was a close proximity I welcomed with a smile.

Things suddenly made a turn and for some unsure reason, I began to fidget. A rare occurrence that totally clashed with my usual persona.

There was something about him that intrigued me. Was it his haughty nature that I wanted to get to know better? Or was it simply his outstanding looks that attracted me the most.

Despite all the uncertainties, there was one thing I was quite sure of. It was going to be one hell of a year and surely our paths would cross more often than not.

We all gathered in one table, Him, I and the rest of the group. Another round of formal introductions were done which by now was taken half heartedly. This was the nth introduction of the day. What was all the rush in getting to know each other?

Standing up after having just been seated for mere minutes meant one thing, we were done for the day. Gathering all our things, we all headed towards our exit.

If I said walking side by side with him was easy, I would probably be lying. His towering height was a mismatch to my petite frame. It took approximately 3 quick strides to match his own, a struggle of mine which he clearly saw in amusement.

He laughed. I laughed. It was something we definitely needed to get used to.

We exchanged basic questions and said all the answers to them in order to share a polite conversation.

How old was he? 27

How old was I? 25

His interest? Obviously basketball

My weakness? Dancing

And as to why he wanted to become a doctor. . . Well that was something worth left hanging.

We eventually parted ways with his back towards me. A back I would see everyday for the rest of the year.

Would he stop in his tracks and turn his back for a chance at one more goodbye? …

I smiled to myself. It was definitely something worth getting used to.

Many thoughts were now swirling in my head. Was it love at first sight or merely crazy thoughts brought about by infatuation.

Did he really turn back?

So this is a new project I just started out. It is entitled: The Story of One. Every week, I would be posting a new chapter or a new snippet that would eventually build up to one whole story. With regards to the content, it could vary with regards to your comments.

So please do feel free to write anything in the comment box.

I will be updating on a regular, weekly basis and that would fall on a Saturday.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

❤️ Eva

© 2018 Eva Gamallo


Loving Like There Is No Tomorrow

    • Have you ever loved someone that your heart was so full, you felt that it could burst any moment?
      Have you ever came across a person, whom you dreamt of spending the rest of your life with?
      Have you ever dreamt of living like a Princess, with a Prince Charming by your side, and having a Happily Ever After?

    Will your “HAVE YOU EVERs” remain just a fantasy? Is there even the tiniest possibility for it to… maybe, someday, hopefully, become a reality?

    For one type of species this is their reality. That once they find their partner, they become one and with that a happily ever after. To them, forever is their reality.


    • Probably be skeptical at this point.
    • Probably have numerous doubts by now.
    • Probably have laughed out loud as to the ridiculousness of this idea.

    A happily ever after at this age and time? Is it even possible?

    What if I told you that eternal love existed? Would you believe me?

    Have you ever came across of the Eternal Honeymooners?

    According to studies it has been said that once these creatures find their partners, they mate for life.

    To brings things in a more romantic perspective it is said that once they find their love, they become one. And once their end comes, they find solace in it and die in each other’s arms.

    It is the epitome of each and everyone’s romantic fantasies. However it is not shared by humans per se but by parasities, worms to be specific.


    Kingdom: Animalia

    Phylum: Platyhelminthes

    Class: Trematoda

    Order: Diplostomida

    Family: Schistosomatidae

    Genus: Schistosoma

    Species: S. japonicu

    Schistosomes are blood fluke parasites commonly found in the regions of China, Philippines, Sri Lanka Asia and Lindu Lake.

    These worms are infamous for causing chronic disease, like Katayama fever, liver fibrosis, liver cirrhosis, liver portal hypertension, splenomegaly, and ascites.

    In short it can cause serious problems in the body and without treatment it can kill.

    Gory details aside, this blog isn’t about its morphology and pathophysiology.

    What amazes me up to this moment is the beauty of their life cycle. The simple fact that, they are one with each other for life.

    This is what sets this parasite apart from its counterparts. A unique and defining characteristic that even differentiates itself from humans.

    I am not degrading the human species by comparing us to some lower lifeform that even unheard by most people.

    What I’m trying to drive at is this.

    We have many goals and aspirations. We dream to live a certain kind of life with a certain type of person we call ideal.

    Despite the complexities that our mind sets for us, our deepest desires are simple. Simple enough that it can be examplified by creatures that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

    It is to find eternal love.

    But reality turned sour and made love into a complicated mess. Love now has to meet certain expectations and standards.

    I do admit that I’ve set my standards quite high.

    Fall in love by 30, have a family by 35 and live a happily ever after.

    Is this even feasible?

    I felt the need to secure my future first before giving into the silly fantasies that love could offer. I felt the need to find someone driven, with a good education,with a good family and with the capabilities to provide well.

    In order to live a good life in this fast paced society, one has to be ideal.

    Most definitely!

    But remember love doesn’t stem from what is ideal. It comes from the simplest things that life has to offer.

    Love isn’t something we create but rather a choice we make.

    Just fight for what you deem worthy. It may not be eternal but it can be lasting.

    Till death do as part

    I know this post is quite a cliche. But every since I learned about the schistosomes and their life cycle back in school, I began to dream.

    That maybe there is such thing called a lasting love. Maybe if you look hard enough, with open eyes and an open heart it could be real. Maybe if you fight tooth and limb, it could last.

    When I go to sleep tonight, I dream to love, to love like Schistosomes.

    Do you share this dream of mine? Have you experienced this kind of love? What did you do to keep it growing?

    ❤️ Eva

    © 2018 Eva Gamallo


    The Curse of Perfection

    The ideology of perfection has always surrounded me ever since I was a child. It was a concept embedded in me for as long as I could ever remember.

    Being an only child, the burden to achieving what society dictates was placed heavily on my shoulders.

    As to what modern society expects may vary from one place to another.

    PERFECTION was defined by Mirriam Webster as:an exemplification of supreme excellence. In my own perception it is: achieving what is ideal.

    So what is Ideal? As to my own vantage point, in order to become the perfect daughter it would entail a lot of things. Just to sum things up would be as follows:

    The check list: THE MUST BE

    1. Achieving good grades in order to gain entrance to the most prestigious medical school.


    2. Gain respect amongst people who are renowned and admired in the respective fields.


    3. Attain success and make a name in the chosen field set up for you.


    In order to fulfill “the checklist” one must go through a long and steep road in hopes to marked off at least one of the impossible goals set.

    My path to “success”, especially during my earlier years, was a never ending struggle. It was laced with a lot of tears and discontentment most especially within myself.

    My heart constantly felt heavy as doubt slowly consumed me.

    I was never good enough.


    After years of hard work and endless nights spent studying, I failed to gain entry to the most prestigious medical school which everyone deemed ideal for me.

    2. I TARNISHED THE PERFECT IMAGE PAINTED OUT FOR ME: The “role model image” my parents envisioned for me collapsed, as my failures continued pouring in. As a daughter of someone brilliant, I fell short from my goal.


    Receiving the “Ideal Education” meant everything in my household. Failing to get into the medical school that was expected of me meant the end to my future endeavours.

    The idea of perfection ruined me. It was as if the norms of society transformed into a monster and swallowed me up whole.

    I was never good enough.

    If given the chance to delete this chapter in my earlier years… would I rewrite history?

    Surprisingly, my answer would be a no. I wouldn’t change a thing. The struggles I went through in order to attain perfection eventually taught me an invaluable lesson.

    I was good enough and merely failed to see this in myself.

    If I could go back in time, I would probably just tell my old self a

    Better check list: THE IMPORTANT LEARNINGS

    1. Get good grades because it means you learned a great deal.


    2. Gain respect amongst people who matter. Most especially those people who encourage and believe in you. Be respected by those who stand by you and by those who truly matters.


    3. Attain success and make a name in endeavours you are passionate about. Work hard so you could be proud of yourself.


    Perfection is an ideation everyone strives to achieve. It also makes or breaks a person. Whether you choose for it to make or break you is simply up to you.

    I chose the earlier path. Having nearly lost myself in the battle for perfection made me realise to choose the wiser choice.

    We can never avoid the standards set up by society nor can we avoid the pressures that comes with it. So why allow the monster to break me, when I can chose for it to make me instead.

    The curse of perfection. Is it a monster or an angel in disguise?

    As a topic quite close to my heart I hope this message reaches out to you as well. So what are your thoughts? How would you define perfection? Would you allow it to make or break you?

    ❤️ Eva

    © 2018 Eva Gamallo

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    The Inner Demons Within

    Marilyn Monroe by Nicki Minaj

    I can be selfish

    Yeah, so impatient

    Sometimes I feel like Marilyn Monroe
    I’m insecure, yeah I make mistakes
    Sometimes I feel like I’m at the end of the road

    I recently stumbled upon the life story of one of the most iconic women in our history, Marilyn Monoroe.

    Behind the glamorous blond bombshell image lay a tragic life story that ultimately led to her death.

    Having a single mother that was unable to support her, she was sent to live at numerous foster homes as a child. Living in numerous loveless families, she finally managed to escape it all as she wed James Dougherty by the tender age of 16.

    She worked her way up and the rest went down in history. She became one of the most advertised girls and the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s.

    But what catapulted her into success would be her iconic role in the 1955 film “The Seven Year Itch”, which included the famous white dress fluttering in the wind scene.

    Despite the fame, she struggled with her inner demons and at the young age of 36, she succumbed to an early death caused by an overdose of barbiturates.

    The life of Marilyn Monroe has inspirired numerous people. One of which is the artist Nicki Minaj. In her song entitled Marilyn Monroe, she bared her soul and unfolded her inner struggles likened to what Ms. Monroe experienced.

    Like Nicki Minaj and Marilyn Monroe, we too struggle with our inner demons. What it is simply varies from person to person.

    Marilyn Monroe who back then was a natural brunette, dyed her hair into her signature blond locks to gain public interest. She too stuggled with her weight constantly and later on resorted to taking in diet pills. Procedures like going under the knife, she has done it too.

    At the end of the day, one could simply surmise that all these were done in order to keep the sexy symbol she worked tireless for. Or she could have done it for other reasons to which we will never know of.

    Whether it was in the 1950s or the present day and time, we all struggle with the same mental anguish as she did.

    Following the latest fad diets and undergoing cosmetic procedures, what could probably be at the back of our minds?

    Is it to become more beautiful? Is it in hopes to become more appreciated? Is it to gain more acceptance?

    Truth is we mess up

    Till we get it right

    I don’t want to end up losing my soul

    Everyday is a struggle to conform. But the question is when do we stop? When do we all stop listening to other’s opinion when in fact the only opinion that matters is how we see ourselves.

    I can be selfish

    Yeah, so impatient

    Sometimes I feel like Marilyn Monroe

    I’m insecure, yeah I make mistakes

    Sometimes I feel like I’m at the end of the road

    As we continue to struggle within ourselves,our greatest fear would ultimately be loosing oneself.

    Our problem with our self appearance would just be the tip of the ice burg. As we continue to dig deeper into ourselves we may find something even greater … something more frightening.

    Call it a curse

    Or just call me blessed

    If you can’t handle my worst

    You ain’t getting my best

    Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt? (felt felt felt)

    Must be how Marilyn Monroe felt (felt felt felt)

    Mental well-being is something we need to take into consideration apart from our physical health.

    According to The Mental Health Foundation of UK, the most common mental health problems:

    • * Mixed anxiety & depression is the most common mental disorder in Britain, with 7.8% of people meeting criteria for diagnosis.
    • * 4-10% of people in England will experience depression in their lifetime.
  • Everything is easier said and done. It is quite easy to advise someone to seek for help but in reality it is very difficult to actually do so.
  • Having struggled with mental health problems myself, I eventually developed a distorted body image that ultimately led to crazy fad diets and missed meals.

    Press forward to 2018. I am currently suffering the adverse consequences of my actions, one would be gastric related problems.

    I would get bouts of stomach pain just by taking in strong coffee, soft drinks and alcohol. Although quite manageable, it is still a problem.

    Fortunately I realised that I had a problem and gathered the courage to seek help. With the proper guidance, I faced the demons within me.

    I am now better.

    Ten years into the journey, I became a doctor to better understand who I am. I fought through medical school in the hopes to be given the same chance to lend a helping hand to others, who continues to struggle.

    Learn to find the courage beneath the demons within. Know that it is okay to seek for help, whether to anyone around you and most especially to medical professionals adept in this field.

    Take me or leave me

    I’ll never be perfect

    Believe me, I’m worth it


    What are your thoughts? If you underwent the same battles please do share your courage with others who are still struggling. If you are struggling let your voice be heard. It is never to late.


    © 2018 Eva Gamallo

    • For more insight into the life of Marilyn Monroe and as to the basis of facts:

    • For more information with regards to the mental health foundation of uk

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    Song credits: Marilyn Monroe by Nicki Minaj

    Writers Becoming Inspired by Other Writers

    Have you ever watched a show that was so gripping you stayed up all night just to watch it?

    I’m probably not alone in saying yes am I? I recently just finished the korean mini series “The Universe’s Star.” The drama is one of the “Three Color Fantasy” drama trilogy by MBC and NAVER released last January 2017.

    The drama revolved around the love story of Woo Joo and Byul. Woo Joo is a genius song writer who tragically fell in love with a 19 year old student who then became a grim reaper.

    The show not only held my attention for three straight hours but also left a lasting impression in me. An impression so great that it even inspired me to write a reflection piece.

    To all those who haven’t seen the show fear not, there is plenty of time to check it out after this blog. Please do not feel uneasy. Rest assured there are no spoilers.

    So why am I writing about a show without having the intention of writing a review or a preview of it. You could simply call it deviating from the norm and taking a risk.

    So back to the drama. What definitely pulled some heartstrings wasn’t the semi cliche love story shared by a top star and his fan but something else embedded in the story itself.

    I would like to give a big appreciation to the writer, to the director, to the actors and the rest of the production staff for producing such a high quality film.

    The drama itself was beautifully written. The dialogues between the characters were grippping. The plot was delivered in a manner that told a full story yet left room for viewers to imagine.

    But what amazed me even more was the writer’s power to leave such a great impact to its viewers.

    There and then I realised that this is what every aspiring writer should be striving for. It is to create pieces that would leave a lasting impression to anyone and everyone who shares the same passion for art.

    Writing is an art form in which a lot of people could participate in. With just a pen and paper, imaginations could run wild, and with that a masterpiece could be made from scratch.

    Writing does not discriminate. It does not choose social status nor any educational attainment. It is open to anyone who chooses to enjoy it. However it is taken for granted most of the times.

    So what differentiates an extraordinary work? To me, a great literary piece is one that leaves a good impression to its audience.

    So a simple reminder to all those writers seeking for inspiration. Create because you want to inspire and because you want to leave a mark in people’s thoughts.

    “Write in moments of inspiration. Write until your heart hurts. Write until you made an impact to your audience. Write until you make something you are proud of.”

    What are you thoughts? Any tips you would be willing to share?What inspires you to be a better writer?

    ❤️ Eva

    © 2018 Eva Gamallo

    The Universe’s Star Credits and Photo credits to MBC and Naver

    The Unsaid Goodbye

    I used to believe people are brought together by fate. How else could you explain the sheer fact that two people were at the same place at the same moment in time.

    The very first instance we met was surreal. As our eyes locked onto each other, he sent a shy smile in return. My heart leaped in reply.

    No words could describe the ecstatic feelings shared between us. Since it was all new, everything felt exciting and thrilling.

    Stolen glances, secret notes and clandestine randevu under the stars were treasures we both stored away in lock and key.

    Photographs captured vividly the moments we once spent. The first was one summer day basking under the warm sun and the other a gloomy day we spent dancing under the rain.

    What was shared by two became none. What was a fond moment turned bittersweet. Pain instantly turned things into a new perspective.

    Crumpled love letters now torn into two. Shying away from places that once stood with us through it all.

  • No goodbyes were said since it didn’t matter anymore. We thought time would fix everything left unsaid. A silent agreement was shared between us as we believed that we would eventually grow out of it.
  • Years passed by and fate now turned cruel. Our paths crossed and became entangled yet again. How could it not when we lived under the same sky.

    Our eyes locked with one another once more. I felt something flutter. Was it still my heart or the new found butterflies in my stomach? Time stood still for a moment as onlookers watched tensely by the sidelines.

    The clock resumed its function and slowly ticked away. As if nothing happened we continued on our separate ways. There was nothing left to talk about.

    Hope you enjoyed it. What are your thoughts? Do you still remember your first heart break? If you do please share down below.

    ❤️ Eva

    © 2018 Eva Gamallo

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    Faces of Love

    Reaching another milestone in this new journey of mine is quite fulfilling. I’ve reached my third blog milestone. Hooray!

    I’ve decided to challenge myself once more and tackle head on a topic that would interest almost everyone.

    What could it be? Well it’s something elusive and unmeasurable. It’s definition has been revised through out the centuries and up to know it still causes numerous debates.

    What else could it be but LOVE?

    As a child, I used to think of this as something yucky. I remember vividly the grossed out face I used to make as I saw my parents acting lovingly towards each other.

    Or the time when I would squeeze in between them since I hated the fact that they were holding hands. That and I simply didn’t want to have a brother or sister.

    “Love is meant for me alone. It’s something not worth sharing.”

    There was even a stage where I had sworn off boys and said they had cooties. Who needed boys when I had all the Barbie dolls to play with.

    Preschool was quite bearable at most times. Yet recess would be a nuisance when “Mr Popular” would come by and sit beside me.

    Oh how much I yelled at him. Why on earth wouldn’t he leave me alone, never the less keep tugging on the locks of my hair.

    “Why is your hair all curly? You look like a poodle.”

    A few years later, hormones finally set in. And that’s when I finally realised that boys weren’t some species from another planet. In fact some of them became decent looking enough to swoon over.

    Hearing sweet words from your first crush as you sit across him, clumsily eating away a tub of ice cream, did bring butterflies in my stomach.

    “Out of all the girls I know, you sure are the prettiest among them all.”

    Receiving the first bouquet of flowers with shaking hands would always be a memory worth remembering of my first love.

    The way his clumsy hands tried to unclasp the lock of the necklace. Although he failed quite miserably, this once brought a nervous laughter out of me.

    An innocent first kiss at the sidelines of an abandoned basketball court where he regularly played his favourite game.

    Like most fairy tales, time seemed to have frozen as we said our goodbyes. Tears endlessly streamed down my cheek the very moment I heard my heart break for the first time.

    “Don’t regret something that once made you smile.”

    Teenage years flew by quickly. What got me through the awkward years were numerous different faces.

    A teacher who scolded me for bad behaviour yet showered me with praises in milestones worth congratulating.

    My mother’s warm embrace as she shared with me the pains of failure. Words meant to comfort were quietly said as she held me close while I cried myself to sleep.

    “It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Just vow to yourself to never commit the same mistakes again.”

    Entering the reality of adult life was difficult. Gone were the protective wings of the people whom I relied on heavily.

    Friendships were tested as harsh reality kicks in. While others became broken, a few friends turned into family.

    Friendships evolved into sisterhood. A new found sister became a cheerleader, a confidant and the harshest critic rolled into one.

    “We’ll never know what’s gonna happen but I have no doubt you’ll do well. Just remember to always work hard for we reap what we sow.”

    Love has many faces. It could be innocent and pure, it could be unconditional, it could be passionate and it could be nourishing.

    How we recognise them in our day to day life is simply the challenge.

    What are the different kinds of love you know? Any thoughts you’d be willing to share?

    ❤️ Eva

    © 2018 Eva Gamallo

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