An ODE to myself

Dear Self,

How are you?

It’s been such a long time.

Are you still there?

Do you even care?


You once told yourself.

That if you didn’t practice the art of healing,

You’d be typing away.

So you could express your heart out.


Days passed by without a word,

Weeks flew by and months began rolling in.

No words resonnated.



I am busy, I am tired.

Do I need to justify myself some more?

My mind is blank.

Inspiration has foresaken me.


Was it the pressure of living to people’s expectations?

Was it the numbers the failed to satisfy your own greed?

Were these the reasons you felt like drowning?

Drowning, in you own words left unsaid?


Did you eventually get lost on your way to the top?

Do you even know the directions as to where you are headed.

Well you thought you did.

Boy, you got everything wrong.


Stop thinking too hard.

Stop thinking too much.

Stop berating yourself.

Stop doing this to yourself.


Didn’t people say its okay to fall.

After all, it’s the journey not the end point.

So stop nursing that wounded ego of yours.

Scars are there for a reason.


Finally, these uncoherent musings finally make sense.

Words are out.

Do you need to hear the verdict?

You’ve done well.

To all those reading, I know it’s been a while since I posted. I was gone for a while from this great community.

I know every person feels to justify themselves for their actions. I too feel that way so I should try to justify myself. I know there are people who enjoy my work that I feel I have letdown by keeping silent.

I finally understand the true definition of silence. It is not merely the absence of sounds but rather the absence of thoughts and a form of expression.

Silence can strip away a person’s freedom of expression. It can even strip one’s soul.

Like most people working tireless to earn a living, these past months have been spent juggling two work jobs while I manage to squeeze in sometime for myself, friends and most importantly family.

These are but reasons.

We are full of justifications once we feel cornered. Right? 

As the list of reasons became longer, the longer I spent away, the anxiety began to build up inside me. 

The numbers were going down and I felt that the pressure to write something great, sucked out all the inspiration from me. Hence the vicious cycle began.

Self doubt suddenly flooded in. 

Can I live up to my readers expectations? 

Would anyone still be reading this anyway?

And that is why it took so long.

Like any curious soul would do, every now and then I would visit and read other’s posted works. And like a ghost, I left no trace. Nothing.

It took a while for everything to settle out. IT TOOK AWHILE FOR ME TO MAKE THESE REALIZATIONS.

  • I envied them.
  • I missed the community.
  • I missed myself even more.

After gently smacking myself in the forehead, I’ve decided to go back. To go back to where I started.

Back to the time where stats didnt matter much to me.

Back to the time where building a following wasn’t the biggest of my worries.

And back to the time where writing was my own form of expression.

I am here to inspire those who want to be inspired. I am here because I want to connect and not for the following. 

Rest if you must but dont quit! You only cease to be a writer once you actually stop breathing, your heart stops beating and if you stop writing. 



Thought Corner#2 How do you know?


How do you know if both of you had a great time?

How do you know if you both had a decent conversation?

How do you know?

Having a great time could be spent doing anything. You could go out on a movie date and enjoy the film. You could go wine and dine at a Michelin Star restuarant and eat to your hearts desire. 

Or you simply could order take out, wear comfortable clothing  and sit idly by and still have a good time.

But how do you know if both of you had a great time?

Can it be seen in your body language towards each other? Where one comfortable rest an arm around your shoulders.

Can it be seen on your facial experience? Surely a sparkle in your eyes and a wide smile could be a hint right?

Does not noticing the time mean you had a great time too? How did we fail to realise an hour breeze through when it only felt a mere 5 minutes together.

How do you know?

Having a decent conversation could mean



How do you know if someone is interested?

How do you know if someone really cares?


I know it’s been a while since I last posted and kept in touch. I am very sorry.

Here is a brief explaination as to my absence.  I was busy prepping for another licensure exam which I thankfully passed.  At first I thought I could juggle a job, review classes and blogging all at once but it was harder than I thought it would be.

SO I do apologize for suddenly disappearing. But I am finally back, refreshed and eager to get back to what I love…. and that is Blogging.

To all those still in tuned, I’d like to share my set blogging schedule which I will be following. I will be posting 2 Daily Musings per week on Wednesdays and Fridays and a 1 Thought Corner  on Saturdays.

My Daily Musings will still comprise of short phrases or sentence that could hopefully brighten your day or hopefully could give you a little encouragement during days which seems abit harder than most.

My Thought Corner in contrast,  could be about anything and everything that is thought provoking and anything that could trigger some inspiration in everyone. I am open for any suggestions or topics with regards to my thought corner.

To all those who left comments, dont you worry, I will get back to each and everyone of you. I cant wait to keep in touch yet again.

I know I have alot of catching up to do and I can’t wait to read each and everyone’s blog as well. I have been studying too much lately so I am definitely dying to get back to this great community


To all those reading this post, I can’t wait to hear how you are and what you are up to. Please do share and add a link to your recent work for me to check out as well.

I think this is the fastest way for me to catch up and reconnect with everyone.

I can’t wait to hear from you. I have missed you all 🙂

❤ Eva

A Note to My Students

Endings are often bitter sweet. Sweet since it’s finally ending. Bitter because it ended.

The past 2 1/2 months have been a rollercoaster. It was when my teaching chops have been challenged for the first time. On a note… I’m not quite sure if I was fitting enough be called a teacher none the less a mentor.

It was indeed a crazy ride. My students and I laughed together, learned together and at some point even had our brows scrunched up in unison out of frustration.

I taught them with all the knowledge I accumulated through the years and most importantly I taught them with all my heart. I watched all of them grow intellectually. And with every step, I saw their passion to heal slowly blossom.

It was the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day. A special day where I meant to say my goodbyes since it was my last day as their mentor .

And much to my surprise. They were late. Which was unusual because they are never late. The room was unbelievably bare with only 3 student present.

Minutes ticked by and I began to become uneasy. Worry began to cloud over. Before I could call out their attention for being late, camera phones began to film and suddenly the rest of my students piled in with a cake in one hand, chocolates and a big card in the other.

I became speechless by their kind gesture. It now all made sense … as to why they were late and as to why the room was half empty.

At the end of our Termination Party. I had a lot of realisations that flooded through my mind.

1. I did well.

2. I taught them well

3. I left a mark in them.

As a simple thank you for their overwhelming love. Here is my letter to dedicated to my students

New challenges often bring doubt and apprehension. This new experience however was nothing but fulfilling and rewarding.

To my first ever SGD group thank you so much for making OUR time worth while. Thank you for allowing me to mould such brilliant minds and with this we all grew to better individuals… TOGETHER.

Remember to alway keep a positive attitude in all your endeavours and always put your best foot forward. Medicine is a never ending quest for knowledge so never stop READING! (your textbooks). I hope that you will always remember that knowledge is meant to be shared and the gift of healing should not be taken for granted.

This is not a goodbye but a see you soon. I will miss each and everyone of you. I will keep your letters as my treasures and as a memorabilia to cheer me up when I am down.

See you soon my future colleagues.

See you soon future licensed physicians. 😊

To each an everyone. Belated Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you enjoyed that day as much as I did.

I know this post is quite personal but I really wanted to share this unforgettable experience of mine. I wanted to keep this memory imprinted in me forever.

How are all doing? Care to share you Valentine’s Day Experience? 😊

P.s I’m so sorry if my replies take quite a well. Life became suddenly quite hectic. Rest assured I’ll be reading them all and I’ll be checking all your blogs real soon.

Pardon my absence in the blogging world. I’ll be more active Mid March I promise.

I can’t wait to hear from all of you 😊🌹

❤️ Eva

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The Evolution of FRIEND-ship: TRUE FRIENDS

Part 1

The beauty of childhood is innocence. Children are often shielded by once parents by the cruel realities of life. To most young children, life is but rainbows and candies.

Although children are often warned about bad people and are taught to never to talk to strangers, children at this age are oblivious to the fact that some people can simply be cruel.

Everything is simple. Everything is easy. And true friendships could be forged with a simple hi or hello.

Just a mere few minutes spent at the playground could start up a long lasting friendship between two innocent children.

A pact made and sealed with a pinky swear.

Part 2

Being an adult is something a person can’t wait to be, back in the day where one is so restricted by the strict rules and regulations.

Do you remember the days where you can’t wait to. . .

1. Drive legally

2. Drink legally

3. And maybe even… Vote Legally.

As an adult, all we ever could hope for is to turn back time and relive our childhood days.

And just to be free responsibilities such as. . .

1. Paying rent

2. Buying groceries

3. And all adult related things.

Most importantly, we want to go back to a time where betrayal was just a word and not an experience.

Making friends as a “grown up” has now became more complicated.

We bare scars and are now filled of hurt feelings that have slowly piled up through the years.

We are now hesitant to approach new people carrying fears of being judged and rejected.

We are now slightly broken… and scared.

IF Friendships fall into place easily… isn’t it one worth writing in the books?

Finding a friend who would stick up to you in both the good times and the bad…


Finding a friend who wouldn’t judge your past but instead look to the present and guide you to a better future…


Finding a friend who would laugh with you in good times, who would wipe a way the tears during sad times and who you pick up the pieces after you fell apart…


Blessings, gifts and miracles are things meant to be treasured deeply.

But what is a TRUE FRIEND really? Is it something that can be define?

Is there a specific timeline and WHEN you can meet such amazing people?

There are some of the questions that keep playing in my head over and over again.

Through the years, I’ve met various people of different walks of life. Each and everyone have different personalities.

So how do I manage to “segregate” the true from the fleeting.

Was it through tested time?

Was it through bad and the good times we shared together?

Was it through the connection we made with one another?

But one thing I’m sure of is this.

True friendships are hard to come by. Once you come across one, grab hold of it and never let go.

So what are your thoughts?

What are the different attributes that you look for in a friend?

Care to share some found memories with your best friend?

Feel free to answer any of the bolded questions up above. Or feel free to share anything you feel about a friend.

Can’t wait to hear from you 😊

❤️ Eva

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You CAN Be Your Own Inspiration

Watching television, reading newspaper articles, browsing over inspirational books and listening to motivational speakers are various ways of honing inspiration.

Whether it may be something that’s sparks creativity. Or the little push you needed to get out of bed to start the day. Admit it we all need this uplifting boost called INSPIRATION.

It was the start of the week and I greeted the day right with a hearty breakfast. To cap it off, I even wore something new—newly bought from the store. Oh how that boosted my good mood even more.

Part one

As I downed my hot chocolate, a popular segment on tv was playing. I wasn’t paying much attention to what the host were saying until the guest of that segment began to share his life story.

To make the long story short. It was about a man who built his Automobile Servicing Empire with only a capital of 10 Php Pesos. (Current exchange rate is 1 USD =52.7 Php peso.)

Sounds impossible right?

But the key to his success was hard work, self promotion and balancing his accounts just right.

He started off as a one man business but later on boomed into a multimillion worth company.

His overall journey has been filled with scratches and wounds that later on left scars that would serve as a reminder of the battles he has fought, lost and won.

His battles scars bear witness to his tough journey. But his neatly pressed suit he currently wears bear testimony to the success he has achieved after years worth of hard work and effort.

What an inspiring rags to riches story right?

Part 2

Growing up, some girls often think of themselves as princesses and would dream of waiting for their knight and shinning armour to sweep them off their feet.

A few years later, these little girls would eventually grew up and see the realities that life has offer.

1. That the knight in shining armour is simply but a fantasy.

2. There are no leprechauns at the end of the rainbow.

3. Life went on despite the fact that Sleeping Beauty prettily slumbered away in her castle.

So upon waking up to the realities of life, this now disillusioned girl wipes away the remnants of childhood fantasies and stores away her tiaras and ball gowns under lock and key.

How does one fairy tale turned into a bitter and harsh reality?

This story was broken into two parts. One showed a harsh and brutal reality that later turned into a fairytale ending. The other showed the dreams of a child crushed by the harsh reality of life.

So what I am trying to drive at is this.

There doesn’t have to be a fine line between fantasy and hard reality.

If you simply choose to pave way and create a bridge that connects fantasy and hard reality won’t you reach a more achievable mid ground?

It is what you make of your circumstance that determines the output. Whether you choose to drown in your sorrows or swim against the tide to reach the shore.

A hero doesn’t have wear a cape and mask.

And a princess doesn’t have wear a gown and a tiara

You are your own hero.

Life your own fairytale ending.

We are our own inspiration.

Will you keep the ball rolling? Let me hand off this baton to you.

How CAN you be your own kind of inspiration?

What are those treasured experiences that keep you fuelled to go and push through.

So what are your thoughts?

❤️ Eva

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On The Way To The Airport


a place from which aircraft operate that usually has paved runways and maintenance facilities and often serves as a terminal

-Merriam Webster

Merriam Webster has eloquently described an airport in such a manner that is quite difficult to digest.

Can’t it simply be a building where passengers wait to aboard a plane.

Most countries take pride in their world class infrastructure that caters to thousands—millions of passengers per yer. International airports often boast unique architecture that make them standout among the rest. Architecture aside, they too aim to  provide topnotch service to its loyal patrons.

However I see a certain and unique appeal to these huge infrastructures.



What does these two gates have in common?

It serves as an entrance/ exit that allows passage of people. It is also an area where a bulk of passengers would rush in/out, carrying with them heavy baggages as well as a huge smile on their faces.

A smile bearing excitement of a trip that has yet to unfold.

A smile bearing excitement of coming home.

So it is not JUST A STRUCTURE. It is a place of crossing. It is a pitstop.

It is a place that connects.

A structure is  merely a structure when no one puts meaning in it. A structure becomes the heart of connection when one pays importance to it.

No matter where we are headed, there is always a sense of excitement when you put importance to your destination.

Delayed flights

It is unavoidable that everything would be on time.

Delayed flights are a usual complaint among passengers alike. Reasons would vary from delayed turn around time of aircrafts, poor weather or various reasons provided by the airline company.

Bottom line is.

Delay can bring out the worst in people. A round of complaints could be heard as it passes around in circles. Mutterings of annoyance and a look of irritation could be a commonality in the sea of people stuck waiting by gate.

Delay can also put a spot light in the hidden attributes of a person. Others who possess  the virtue of patience would simply acknowledge the situation and wait. The minority would sit idly by and wait for further announcements.

Life is like a flight. You try to create a schedule, you try to make an itinerary and you try to make a decent plan, yet to your dismay, you experience a delay.

Life has a lot of variables. It is beyond our control no matter how hard we try to manipulate it.

Just wait and see, you will take flight at the right time.

Flight crews and Airport Staff

Dressed in the 9s and 10s everyday in a well pressed uniform and well shined shoes is practically the way of life for most flight crews and staff. They go to work with the goal to provide the utmost service in order to give passengers a pleasurable flight experience.

They wear bright smiles and bid everyone a good morning, a good afternoon, a good evening or simple just a good day.

Beneath the polished exterior and warm smiles lies a person who struggles with day to day life.

One who wakes up on time in order to fulfil one’s duties. One who works passionately in order to earn enough to reach ends meet. One who misses special events just because they are working.

We all share the same burden. We all wear the same exterior.

Beneath every well polished exterior, lies a heart that struggles. We are all the same no matter how tough our armour might look.

We all wake up, we all eat, and we all go to bed. Look to the person on your left and look to person on your right. They too live the same. Don’t be too dishearten if your life is monotonous.  

I’d like to put into parallel our lives to that of an airport.

Our lives are like that of a two way gate. We Depart and we Arrive.

We excitedly depart for a journey, eyes filled with eagerness and enthusiasm. Our luggages are filled with clothes ready to be worn on our upcoming adventures.

We arrive with hearts full of excitement after a journey filled with both highs and lows.  Our luggage, now evidently heavier, is now filled with worn out clothing and overflowing memories of what has been.

We too experience Delay. Not all our plans turn out on schedule. Not everything unfolds at our own time. So just be patient. Everything will turn up when you least expect it to be.

At times, we put on various masks to cover what we truly feel as we go on with our day to day life. Our mask could be plastered smiles, well pressed attire or elaborate jewelries that cover our true self.

Reach out once it gets hard.

Reach out once you feel like your drowning.

Reach out and peel off that thick armour of yours.

This post was heavily inspired by the Korean dramas, On the way to the airport and Where Stars Land. Both dramas circled around the people working in the airport and those who frequent it. I would recommend that you watch those two dramas. 

I really really want to hear from you. So what are your thoughts?

Name a certain place/ structure that holds a special meaning in your heart. Or you can just name a place where you frequent and enjoy visiting. What fond memories did you make in that place?

❤️ Eva

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