Five More Minutes

A day in the life of a city dweller typically starts off with an alarm blasting through the speaks of one’s phone set in 5 minute intervals.

After pressing the snooze button for the nth time, a rustling sound could be heard beneath the thick blankets. Rubbing the sleep off one’s eyes, a realisation sets it. It’s Monday again.

What comes after would probably be likened to that of a typhoon, chaotic and messy. Clothes would be haphazardly thrown on the floor as the first big question of the day pops up. What to wear?

After the third outfit change, another dilemma crosses into mind. Is my bag all set and are all my needs packed in safely?

Before one knows it, time miraculously flew out the window and alas the thought of being late creeps in. Adrenaline finally kicks in as every minute ticks by. What make matters worse is hearing a pounding heart accompanied by the growling of an empty stomach.

Traffic neither did one a favour nor did it cooperate with one’s brewing foul mood. The sound of a car’s horn played on repeat ironically becomes the title track of one’s early morning play list.

Finally you think to yourself, was the “five more minutes” of sleep worth all this?

The moment one sets foot inside a predetermined destination, a loud sigh of relief could be visibly heard as the clock reads, five more minutes till call time.

Laid out was a typical routine most of us would face in our day to day lives. This predicament is especially most daunting as one starts a new work or school week.

Rather than preparing a day before, a movie seems more enticing than laying out clothes on the bed. But of course, a Sunday should be spent lying comfortably in between blankets with a bowl of popcorn in hand.

Being caught up in this sticky situation myself makes me question my set daily routine. Do I have to rush everyday?

The answer to that question is quite obvious. NO.

So here I am, finally at my second day of blogging and decided to challenge myself to writing something new. A LIST.

Jotted down below would be my:


1.Plan ahead one’s set of clothes, things needed for the day and make sure a fully charged cellphone is stashed away in one of the secure pockets of the bag.

2. Take a good rest and have a good night’s sleep. Studies would show that optimal productivity can be attained through sleeping at least 6-8 hours a day. Nothing more nothing less.

3. Eat a well balanced breakfast. And by definition of complete would comprise of carbohydrates protein and fat. This provides the much needed fuel that could jumpstart the day.

4. Avoid saying 5 more minutes. Does 5 more minutes really make a difference? Get up the moment the alarm rings. The daily quota of dreams was already reached. A new day awaits.

5. Make a TO DO LIST. This would probably be the most crucial thing here. Outlining one’s day could greatly be beneficial in predicting one’s needs and must bring.


“A well prepared person carries with them a mind at ease.”

With all these strategies, surely one may avoid some sticky situations in the near future. Although there are some circumstances we cannot predict that may alter out plans, it is always good to take reign of controllable variables such as planning what to wear.

What are you own thoughts in order to avoid being late?

Have a good day everyone.

❤️ Eva

© 2018 Eva Gamallo

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