Life Choices

Waking up everyday is a blessing but what we make out of it is a choice.

If you were to choose one thing amongst the options what would it be? Answer honestly and without hesitation, the first thing that comes into mind is your final choice.

  1. Iced Americano or Hot chocolate?
  2. A day at the beach or hiking by new trails at the countryside?
  3. A casual date at a nice quaint cafe or a candle lit dinner at a Michelin star restaurant?
  4. A good book or a good movie?
  5. Living for others or living for oneself?

Choices often define a person’s aspiration, a person’s goal or a person’s inner desires.


  1. Hot chocolate
  2. Definitely a day at the beach
  3. A Casual date
  4. A good book
  5. Just LIVING

But as to the reasons why we make such choices is what truly defines us a person.


1. A feel good drink that is perfect for a cold rainy day. My idea of a vacation is a cold rainy day, spent at home dressed in casual clothing with a cup of hot coco.

2. A Day at the beach brings back fond memories of my youth. Good company+mild inhibition brought about by alcohol=best summer of my life. Sun kissed skin, beach volleyball, and many Firsts. 😊

3. Casual date would be a breather from my usual hectic and rigid life. A relaxed and comfortable environment brings out the best conversations amongst people. Not to mention the fact that it is less pricey. Tough times means being practical.

4. Reading and immersing myself in the thoughts of others makes me realise the value of individuality. Everyone is different. Everyone has a voice. A new insight is always a great learning.

5. Life is a blessing but living is choice. Life is short so I’ll make the most out of it. Being in the medical field gives me a daily awakening to my own humanity. Everything is simply borrowed time.

While on duty, I came across 2 people of different walks of life.

  • A 70 year old who came in for severe stomach pain with a mass in her abdomen. The patient was told that there was a big possibility that it could be cancer. The surgery went well and the biopsy showed that the tumor was actually benign and it meant no cancer. A second chance life
  • A 16 year old who also came in for sudden and severe stomach pain. It was also decided that he should undergo surgery. The surgery went well however the biopsy showed stage 4 cancer. Borrowed limited time.

We may all make the same choices in life but our reasons for doing so will certainly be different.

Each and everyone has their own colour and shade. Sharing our thoughts to one another is like painting a beautiful picture together.

Let us make art that heals.

In our fast paced lives, we take everything for granted, even the simple choices that we make.

We disregard the fact that everything we do is a choice. Most importantly we forget the reasons why we choose to do so.

So let’s stop and think.

Answer the five simple questions and as to the reason why you chose to do so … it will surprise you.

  • *BONUS QUESTION*: As to which circumstance above will give you a better opportunity as to living your life to the fullest?
    • A second chance at life or borrowed limited time?

    What are your thoughts? Can’t wait to hear from you. Please do share down below.


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