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The Evolution of FRIEND-ship: TRUE FRIENDS

Part 1

The beauty of childhood is innocence. Children are often shielded by once parents by the cruel realities of life. To most young children, life is but rainbows and candies.

Although children are often warned about bad people and are taught to never to talk to strangers, children at this age are oblivious to the fact that some people can simply be cruel.

Everything is simple. Everything is easy. And true friendships could be forged with a simple hi or hello.

Just a mere few minutes spent at the playground could start up a long lasting friendship between two innocent children.

A pact made and sealed with a pinky swear.

Part 2

Being an adult is something a person can’t wait to be, back in the day where one is so restricted by the strict rules and regulations.

Do you remember the days where you can’t wait to. . .

1. Drive legally

2. Drink legally

3. And maybe even… Vote Legally.

As an adult, all we ever could hope for is to turn back time and relive our childhood days.

And just to be free responsibilities such as. . .

1. Paying rent

2. Buying groceries

3. And all adult related things.

Most importantly, we want to go back to a time where betrayal was just a word and not an experience.

Making friends as a “grown up” has now became more complicated.

We bare scars and are now filled of hurt feelings that have slowly piled up through the years.

We are now hesitant to approach new people carrying fears of being judged and rejected.

We are now slightly broken… and scared.

IF Friendships fall into place easily… isn’t it one worth writing in the books?

Finding a friend who would stick up to you in both the good times and the bad…


Finding a friend who wouldn’t judge your past but instead look to the present and guide you to a better future…


Finding a friend who would laugh with you in good times, who would wipe a way the tears during sad times and who you pick up the pieces after you fell apart…


Blessings, gifts and miracles are things meant to be treasured deeply.

But what is a TRUE FRIEND really? Is it something that can be define?

Is there a specific timeline and WHEN you can meet such amazing people?

There are some of the questions that keep playing in my head over and over again.

Through the years, I’ve met various people of different walks of life. Each and everyone have different personalities.

So how do I manage to “segregate” the true from the fleeting.

Was it through tested time?

Was it through bad and the good times we shared together?

Was it through the connection we made with one another?

But one thing I’m sure of is this.

True friendships are hard to come by. Once you come across one, grab hold of it and never let go.

So what are your thoughts?

What are the different attributes that you look for in a friend?

Care to share some found memories with your best friend?

Feel free to answer any of the bolded questions up above. Or feel free to share anything you feel about a friend.

Can’t wait to hear from you 😊

❤️ Eva

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Are you in a Rut?

The beginning of the year was great

There are so many things we should be thankful for

Happiness is a choice we choose

Nutella+banana=best dessert combination?

This is how my mind is right now. It is currently filled with muddled up thoughts that hardly make sense.

So here is my dilemma right now. There are a dozen of random thoughts swirling in my mind … JUST swirling.

That’s it.

It’s turning round and round in circles…but it doesn’t seem to churn out good enough words that could build up a good paragraph sentence.

Is this what they call a writer’s block?

The 10th of January would probably be marked in my calendar as a good great day. It was a day filled with overwhelming emotions and achievements.

It was a day to remember. A day worth writing in the books.

  1. Achieved another milestone at WordPress

I finally broke a 100 followers. It was a feat that I simply dreamed off for a while now. It was a milestone achieved because of all of you.

To my avid readers and followers, thank you.

You have made my heart swell. You placed a smile that reached from ear to ear. YOU MADE MY DAY.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude to each and everyone of you.

Cheers to many more milestones ahead… TOGETHER.

2. I received my very first nomination ever.

Pinch me. I must be dreaming.

Thank you for believing in me when I myself doubted.

Wow just wow.

Is it alright for me to dream of something even bigger?

One of the many great things that WordPress has to offer is a really great community.

The people/creators/bloggers/readers are truly amazing. I’ve never felt this much camaraderie between writers and readers before. It is truly a blessing to meet such amazing people.

  • To find people who engage, share a piece of their thoughts and take the time to simply comment is a blessing.
    To find individuals who inspire you and to inspire others in turn was something I could have never have imagined in my wildest dreams…back in the day.

It wouldn’t have been possible without my ever supportive audience.

It wouldn’t have been possible without content that somehow connected with people.

It wouldn’t have been possible if I had given up.

But will continue to live up to everyone’s expectations?

I’d like to think that I’m not the only one who experiences a rut.

So amidst this current crisis that I am in, I jotted down 5 tips that may help avoid this sticky situation in the future.

1.Create a blogging schedule

Consistency is key to building up an interactive and dynamic audience.

Aside from being a writer, I too am an audience. Being in this perspective made me appreciate authors who are loyal to their readers.

So in order to satisfy the needs of your followers, follow a schedule and post regularly.

If posting once a week works for your schedule then great. If posting everyday is for you, continue striving hard in order to reach your deadline.

Every creator has a different pace. The best judge of one’s pace is you. Make your own schedule.

2.Interact with other bloggers. Your audience is the best source of inspiration.

Authors alike experience bad days.

Reading each other’s content, dropping a comment and most importantly interacting with each other is a great source for ideas

No man is an island. Bounce off ideas with one another.


Great content comes from numerous trials and errors. Write, write and write.

Practice makes perfect but no one is perfect so strive for consistency instead.

No one is born with a pen in one hand and a manuscript in the other.

Books worth publishing were written over numerous drafts. Great content are products of mediocre drafts that failed to make the cut.

We all have to start somewhere right?

4. Rest if you must.

We are human beings, we are not a perfectly oiled machine. Remember, we don’t run on fuel but on passion instead.

Burn out is a real thing.

We do run out of ideas. This is what makes us human.


5. Be true to yourself, no one will appreciate your work if you don’t.

Writing about something you are passionate about, is a ton easier than being force to scribble down insensible words about something you are least interested in.

Write about your passions. Write about something you love. This would surely resonate with everyone reading your work.

Authenticity sparkles beneath rubble. Dig if you must. Don’t stop until you hit a gold mine.


I’d like to think that everyone has good days where inspiration comes barging at the door.

I’d like to think that I’m not alone in experiencing bad days when thoughts and ideas are dry as a deserted land.


So what are your thoughts?


So I’m currently having “those bad days” and yes I’m sadly in a rut. With the numerous drafts I’ve made this is the only thing I’ve managed to come up with.


So before capping this off, I’d like to ask this.


After feeling a great sense pressure to produce great content, instead of succeeding you end up being in a rut instead. How do you overcome this?

Please do comment down below. I’d love to hear your inputs. To those in the same situation as me, let’s help each other out.


❤️ Eva

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Left Utterly Helpless

Living in a tropical country only gives you two seasons. The wet and the dry.

The Dry season or simply exemplified as summer gives the perfect opportunity to spend a day out at the beach, lying on a hammock and soaking up the warmth of the day.

Nothing beats attaining the perfect sun kissed look, not to mention the tan lines that simply screams, Hey look! I had a great day at the beach.

The Rainy season in contrast provides a more laid back atmosphere. This when one finds themselves cooped up in the house, lounging about and enjoying the “bed weather”.

And if I had to choose between the two, I’d choose rainy season over summer in a heartbeat.

In case if you’re wondering why I love this season most especially, the reason is this.

It provides me the perfect scenery and vibe to pour over my muddled up thoughts and to segregate them neatly in my mind palace.


So here I am, stuck in the house, resting peacefully with my feet propped up as I listened to the rain pour heavily over the tiled roof.

And mind you, I was dressed in the most unflattering yet most comfortable clothes ever invented.

It was a good 30 minutes after having settled in when I got a text message from a close friend of mine. He was expressing his utter frustrations after having spent a long day trying to resuscitate someone but failed due to lack of medical resources.

Since it is is not my story to tell, I’d leave out the all the gory details and focus on his frustrations. His sad experience in turn triggered up some pent frustrations to boil over once again.

One clear memory that still leaves me completely and frustrated up to this day and time is this.

Working in the medical profession is challenging. But what makes everything even more challenging is when you are placed in a life and death situation and you simply cannot do anything due to the lack of equipment and funds.

This is simply the reality of being in a third world country where health care is inadequate and unavailable for all.

After working endlessly to attain all the knowledge in order to save lives but still unable to completely give what is ideal is utterly frustrating.

Having under resources in treating individuals suffering from various conditions could be likened to a bird clipped of its wings.

The wingless bird becomes helpless and is left eventually unable to fly. Its means of survival is stripped away leaving him utterly vulnerable to everything around him.

At this point, I’d like to apologise for the redundancy. I did notice that I have said utterly and frustrations too many times.

Sometimes I am left at a lost for words. I guess frustrations could be the root cause of this problem.

So what have I learned in this bitter experience?

I have learned that some frustrating situations are simply unavoidable. It is only but normal to find ourselves yet again in this very ill spot.

We just have to adjust to it rather than avoid it.

What else can we do?

When our hands and legs are both tied down, how do we manage to rise up again?

How can we leave our frustrations and start anew?

Too many questions left unanswered in this rainy day.

So I the only thing I knew I could do was this…

I closed my eyes and allowed the sound of the raindrops comfort my restless soul.

So what are your thoughts?

I really want to hear your thoughts to the numerous questions left in unanswered. I find that sharing your ideas is an excellent way to vent out your pent up frustrations.

Were you ever placed in a situation that has left you feeling utterly helpless and frustrated? What did you do bounce right back up?

❤️ Eva

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