What is it like to be broken?

What is it like to be broken?

Is it the state of a porcelain jar, fallen and shattered to pieces, where the pieces don’t fit anymore?

What is it like to be broken?

Is it how the long hand and the short hand of an old grandfather clock is at a complete stand still despite winding it up repeatedly?

What is it like to be broken?

Is it a state of mind or a state of choice?

How do you manage to pick yourself up once you’ve fallen down?

You just do. You stand back up despite the fear of falling back down in ridicule. No one can bring you back up but your own two feet.

Call it free will. . . Call it tenacity. . . Call it inner strength. You’re stronger than you think.

How do you put a smile on your face when the tears come rolling down?

You just do. Smile. The world’s burden isn’t just for you to bear.

You’re not the only one whose going through a rough time. You’re not the only one who is struggling. Smile. Your inner strength is shinning through.

How do you say I’m okay with you’re not?

You just do. . . I’m okay. . .I will be okay.

Yesterday’s regrets. Faded writings and torn up pages are the only traces left of what has been.

Today’s mistake might be an unpublished chapter in your life’s novel. You made a mistake. Don’t beat yourself too hard. What’s done is done.

Tomorrow’s uncertainty will be written in the next chapters. It’s a clean page. Make the most out of it.

Another one for the books. You can do it. After the 1st chapter, the second chapter comes naturally. You build up your own story. You build up the pace. The end doesn’t come unless YOU the writer deems it to.

How are you self? Have you finally put broken pieces together?

So what if there are cracks in between? Broken porcelain jars are still beautiful. The cracks in between show how far you’ve come.

Good job, you’ve managed to hold on.

You are one strong beautiful person.

How are you self? Have you finally turned the right way and began again?

Time stoped indefinitely like how you wanted it to. Are you at peace with the stillness of time?

Reset. Reset. Reset.

That’s what you keep telling yourself over and over. Boy aren’t you glad you followed your gut. Are you relieved that you’ve stopped being stuck?

The uneasiness has come and gone.

Moved on. Continue moving on.

Cliche as it might sound, time doesn’t stop because you wanted it to.

Remember, it was your choice to stop walking with time. Get up, it’s time to catch up.

Don’t worry it’s not too far ahead.

Go on, I know you know. Go with what your heart tells you. Stop thinking. Stop being rational.

Is you being broken a state of mind or a state of choice?

Hello everyone, how have you all been?
I still aspire to inspire despite being lost and in need of being inspired.

I wrote this as a reminder to myself and as a rude awakening.

I know we all have different journeys and we all take different paths. But at a crossroads, one thing is for certain we all struggle alike.

For all those struggling, I hope this help. I hope this post comforts you like it did to me.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts

Eva ❤️

Photo by Lucas Craig from Pexels

14 thoughts on “What is it like to be broken?

    1. It’s good that you have people around you that keeps you rooted and brings you infinite amount of happiness. You have fine blessings around you. Have a great weekend ahead. 😊


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