The Evolution of FRIEND-ship: TRUE FRIENDS

Part 1

The beauty of childhood is innocence. Children are often shielded by once parents by the cruel realities of life. To most young children, life is but rainbows and candies.

Although children are often warned about bad people and are taught to never to talk to strangers, children at this age are oblivious to the fact that some people can simply be cruel.

Everything is simple. Everything is easy. And true friendships could be forged with a simple hi or hello.

Just a mere few minutes spent at the playground could start up a long lasting friendship between two innocent children.

A pact made and sealed with a pinky swear.

Part 2

Being an adult is something a person can’t wait to be, back in the day where one is so restricted by the strict rules and regulations.

Do you remember the days where you can’t wait to. . .

1. Drive legally

2. Drink legally

3. And maybe even… Vote Legally.

As an adult, all we ever could hope for is to turn back time and relive our childhood days.

And just to be free responsibilities such as. . .

1. Paying rent

2. Buying groceries

3. And all adult related things.

Most importantly, we want to go back to a time where betrayal was just a word and not an experience.

Making friends as a “grown up” has now became more complicated.

We bare scars and are now filled of hurt feelings that have slowly piled up through the years.

We are now hesitant to approach new people carrying fears of being judged and rejected.

We are now slightly broken… and scared.

IF Friendships fall into place easily… isn’t it one worth writing in the books?

Finding a friend who would stick up to you in both the good times and the bad…


Finding a friend who wouldn’t judge your past but instead look to the present and guide you to a better future…


Finding a friend who would laugh with you in good times, who would wipe a way the tears during sad times and who you pick up the pieces after you fell apart…


Blessings, gifts and miracles are things meant to be treasured deeply.

But what is a TRUE FRIEND really? Is it something that can be define?

Is there a specific timeline and WHEN you can meet such amazing people?

There are some of the questions that keep playing in my head over and over again.

Through the years, I’ve met various people of different walks of life. Each and everyone have different personalities.

So how do I manage to “segregate” the true from the fleeting.

Was it through tested time?

Was it through bad and the good times we shared together?

Was it through the connection we made with one another?

But one thing I’m sure of is this.

True friendships are hard to come by. Once you come across one, grab hold of it and never let go.

So what are your thoughts?

What are the different attributes that you look for in a friend?

Care to share some found memories with your best friend?

Feel free to answer any of the bolded questions up above. Or feel free to share anything you feel about a friend.

Can’t wait to hear from you 😊

❤️ Eva

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20 thoughts on “The Evolution of FRIEND-ship: TRUE FRIENDS

  1. Friendship in some ways becomes easier as you get older as you know what your interested in. This helps you to look in the right places. It’s also beneficial for weeding out those that are only going to be temporary friends. It does however make it rather difficult to make lasting friends though because you are less trusting. Past betrayals mean we become closed off. Our vulnerability is no longer on show as it’s too painful.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate seeing you again. Thank you for stopping by 😊

      Past betrayals really makes it hard to open up to others. We just have to look past in and start again.

      I hope you have a great week ahead 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. 😊

      Yes to everything you’ve said. Friends who are honest and has your back all the time are the truest people you could ever find. I hope you have a great week ahead 😊

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  2. I believe that it’s always about “loyalty” and “integrity” this is how you define a true friend but how you find them? There are millions ways and each one is different! I know lifetime friends that are totally different from each other! The contrasts…but they stayed friends because they didn’t try to change one another and they didn’t judge one another…and mostly the care and respect was mutual, one day I’m feeling awful and you’re there for me, the other day you are so down and I’m here for you and many other days we’re laughing together…
    Of course when we’re kids it’s easier to have friends, but growing up, we discover that this is not what friendship looks like…it’s not judging, because knowing people and respecting them is different than let them into your life and making them a big part of it…there must be some chemistry, connection and sometimes you must have the same ethics at least (I can’t be friend with someone who is racist and fanatic even if they didn’t hurt me directly) so the more you grow up, you need people who are a bit like you, you feel comfortable with them…you have many common things…and if you don’t, there’s something deep as well such as loyalty and integrity and honesty….(your friend can love to party every day but you don’t, you can stay friends but not close friends)
    There are lot of things to be said here 😊thank you for this subject! I still have friends from school, high school, human rights, travel, and life…I’m very loyal and integrity is sacred to me but it doesn’t mean that sometimes life takes us and separates us…so friendship comes with many levels and each friend is different than others 😊
    Sorry for the long interaction


    1. Oh wow. Im so touched by your reply. They are no such thing as a long interaction. Im so sorry for the late and delayed reply. It is only now when I am able to take a breather from things.

      You’re reply as usual did not disappoint. I do alway look forward to reading your thoughts because you aren’t scared to open your mind. Which I like.

      Im so glad this post connected with you on a lot of levels. Im so happy you had a lot to say about it because it means I did a great job in writing it (pardon the self praise here.)

      Im so glad to hear that you are still connected with your friends even with your friends from high school. You definitely go wayyyy back. With such long time friends, Do you ever feel like you at times you get disconnected with them but the moment you see them again as if nothing happens? the friendship is still as good as before.

      Cant wait to hear from you:)

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      1. Well first don’t worry at all! I understand, I mean if my work doesn’t require a computer all day, I would not be that available!
        Second, there’s no problem at all in self praise, you deserve it 🙂
        I’m so glad that you look forward for my interaction and thoughts! It’s nice to hear it! Yes I’m not afraid at all to speak my mind! sometimes more than I should 😀
        To answer your question, yes sure life takes us and separates us and we’re disconnected most of the times, I’m the kind of person that used to make all the efforts to stay in touch until I stopped because it requires a full time job tbh especially when it’s one-side effort…But with some people when you meet them even if you’re not speaking for a long time, it’s like it was yesterday! There is this deep feeling of belonging, the nostalgia, probably the common memories…And this is priceless 🙂
        There’s some fact that life taught me, friendship is major in life, this is true! But people care more about it and about their friends as long as they are single, when they’re in relationships momentarily or permanently, friends come second or when they have issues and problems…Probably you’ll say it’s harsh, but it’s so true! People need love and care and when they don’t have a romantic partner, they lean to friends (regardless that everyone needs friends in their life whether they have love in their life or not) But when love exists, it dominates…Then after marriage, the children take people time and they prefer to go out with couples and many other stuff that requires a separate post 🙂
        (I’m speaking from personal experience, I have married friends, divorced friends, single friends…friends with kids..etc…)
        I’m glad to see a long interaction from you before mid March 🙂 Take good care!

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      2. There are definitely pros and cons with our work. I don’t like engaging with others if my mind and heart is distracted and not in full focus. I don’t like doing things half baked.

        I’ll be dropping every now and then until mid March. I think I would go insane if I stop blogging. For some weird reason, I find blogging quite relaxing and it inspires me.. a lot.

        I agree with you on the fact that people need love and when they are in love they forget their friends. Some people don’t realise that boyfriends are temporary but real friends are lasting. I mean friends often get taken for granted once they are in a relationship but once the relationship ends.. who wipes away the tears, friends right?

        About the kids part… I can’t really relate to that much yet but your insights are really helpful. Most of my friends that my age are single or are married with no kids. Times are hard and careers have to be a priority in order to get by and provide. Reality sucks and I’m glad most of my friends are practical.

        Take care as well. I hope you saw my comment in your post. 😊

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      3. “I don’t like doing things half baked.” either, it happened I have some space and time and some days there’s not 🙂 I get you of course and hopefully you’ll be able to manage as much as you can to be back to this blogging space as long as it’s something you really love to do!
        Exactly my point when I said that they are back when the relationship is over or they have problems..Yes because friends are who wipes the tears the entire time 🙂 Some people do appreciate their friends but love always dominates, this is what I discovered through my experience and I insist on it…
        Reality sucks oh yes! but you can always manage and you can always find people that share same life style or thoughts, practical as you said and it work sometimes 🙂
        Take care too! Of course I did, I already replied 😀

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  3. I don’t have any answers to the questions you posited, but what struck me about this post was your reference to what you can’t wait to do when you’re younger versus what you wish you didn’t have to deal with now. Struck a chord because I often find myself thinking the same thing. Nicely written and thanks for checking out my blog! 🙂

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    1. Im so sorry for the late reply. Wow thank you so much for your honest reply. Im so happy it struck a chord with you. It means that my writing has connected with you and for which I’m very happy indeed. Lets us continue to write and express our thoughts since i think they are meant to be shared not kept. Have a great day:)

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  4. True friend is who understands your feelings before you complete the sentence and protect you even when you have no clue that you’re in danger.
    Seasons come and go but he/she will never change a bit.

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    1. Im so sorry for only replying to this beautiful comment only now. I took some time off but I’m back for good:)

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I couldnt agree with you more 🙂
      True friendships withstands any seasons:)

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