One Lazy Thursday Night

Lying down comfortably on bed with music blasting through the speakers perfectly described this lazy thursday night of mine.

As the week nearly comes into a close, I am in much need of this mini R&R after having spent the past 3 working days on repeat.

    Waking up at the wrong side of the bed. Being stuck in a traffic jam to work. A pile loads of paperworks to go over. Long tedious meetings. Being stuck in traffic once a again on the way home. Collapsing on the bed after a long and tiring day.

Does this sounds quite familiar to you? Hit the like button if it does.

Before steering completely away from the original intended topic, let me get back to my mini breather before starting off another busy work day.

With my mind completely blank and devoid from its usual worries, for the first time in a long time, I savoured everything around me.

And well… I also began to write this blog post of mine.

So what were the things keeping me entertained?

1. My comfortable bed and the feeling of being buried beneath the fluffiness of a freshly washed blanket. My motto is simple. The fluffier the better.

2. The soothing music blasting from the speakers sitting on my nightstand. And boy, did the singer’s smooth vocals bless my ears quite well.

It was an unfamiliar song.

Having been listening to music for the past hour or so, out of all the songs playing in shuffle on Spotify, why did this specific tract catch my attention?

Photo credits: Spotify

Song credits to: I belong to the zoo

And to readers reading up to this point, it’s my pleasure to introduced this track played by this Filipino music artist, I Belong to the Zoo.

And no that isn’t a typo.

And yes that is his stage name.

The song was entitled: Game of questions.

After listening to this song on repeat, I managed to piece together the lyrics of the chorus and it went like this.

Why do we have to fall in love
With a person who doesn’t feel the same way as we do
Why do we have to cry at night
Thinking about the sense of loving and letting go.

The lyrics got to me.

The song tugged a few heart strings. It struck an emotional cord and … am I thinking too much?

The song narrated beautifully the roller coaster ride I’ve been going through this past month?

The lyrics were simply just beautiful.

So let me bring this question up?

Why do we have to fall in love with a person who doesn’t feel the same way we do?

Here is my take on that question:

  1. It is probably human nature to want something we can’t have. Call it a thrill a heart simply yearns.
  2. Most people enjoy a good challenge. And I probably belong to that certain population. Conquering a challenge would definitely be a really sweet victory. Making someone fall in love with you. Wow.
  3. I … ah! I’m not still not sure.

So what are your thoughts?

I really really want to hear your answer to this question coz I myself haven’t found an answer. I’m having this internal conflict and another point of view would be great

Why do we have to fall in love with a person who doesn’t feel the same way we do?

❤️ Eva

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Photo credits: Spotify

Song credits to: I Belong to the Zoo

24 thoughts on “One Lazy Thursday Night

  1. For me, I have fallen for a few men over the past decades who seemed to not feel the same way about me. But, running into them years later I find they had really really deep feelings for me. My problem is I tend to fall for quiet, and emotionally non- demonstrative men.
    I’ll close with this… Will you do us (all your readers) a favor and write a post if you discover one or more answers. I’d really like to figure this out too.
    Blessings~ Kate

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    1. Thank you so much for the comment Kate. Glad to see you again.

      I do hope you’ll get back to me if you realise something. Any answer to this elusive question would be great.

      I too am not quite sure as to the answer but reading some of your comments are definitely enlightening me.

      I’ll write a follow up post to this. Once I’m sure I mean. Thank you for this awesome suggestion.

      What is it about love that truly puts us at a lost? Or are we just simply hopeless when we fall deep and not realise what situation we’ve got ourself into.


  2. Well first of all, I’m looking forward to a lazy and warm weekend! 🙂

    This question is “the question” that everybody asks on daily basis. Psychology has an explanation that we love what we think we deserve, we think we’re not worthy to love so we love people that will never love us back, or we we’re trying to erase or change our past…And maybe they’re right, sometimes we don’t know our problem so this why we can’t find the right cure!
    I think when we insist to be with someone that doesn’t love us back, or keep trying and trying it’s because we’re addicted to the thoughts of what could have been happen, why not? What’s wrong with me…all these things…We create a certain image to this person, this image is not credible because it’s either we didn’t get to know this person very well or because we did, but this person doesn’t love us so all our romantic thoughts are imaginary!
    The way I see it is simple, first we try because we don’t know the result, this person might be actually interested or we receive some signs so we follow them because we always hear: you should make a step, you should be open, you should not be arrogant and always wait…So we just open our doors…if it turned out to be mutual, that’s great but if not and the signs were misunderstood, we just retreat despite all what we’re feeling inside…I wrote something in my blog “You must realize that some people are in this world only to help you discover at some point that you are still able to dream or feel not more…they will not be a part of your life, maybe they only exist in your imagination….and that’s OK”
    We retreat with some gain, maybe this person was a great listener, very positive, very open…we learned something but this person is not ours…That’s it
    Yes, we don’t get to choose whom we love, I believe extremely in this but we can choose to retreat when it’s not mutual.

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    1. Thank you so much for this insightful comment. Im so glad to see you again 😊

      Cheers to a lazy and warm weekend ahead 😊

      Thank you for all that insight. I truly was lost when I was writing this post. I couldn’t come up with the right answer or maybe I knew it but I just didn’t want to acknowledge it.

      I do agree with you on this “that we love what we think we deserve”

      I think energy bounces off really well, so if we give off good energy it comes back. I think love is the same thing.

      And yet again you are right .. about not being arrogant and retreating despite what we are feeling. It is important to know when to be aggressive and when to be passive. We win some battles, we loose some.

      Wow. I definitely learned a lot from you yet again. Thank you for bouncing off ideas with me. 😊

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      1. Cheers indeed 🙂
        Well I just write what I feel and how I think so glad my ideas are useful and appreciated 🙂
        As you said “we win some bottled and we loose some” I hope you will find mutual love and only then you’ll be able to tell the difference

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      2. Do everyone a favour and don’t stop writing. You really have a different perspective on things 😊

        Right!!! I’ll definitely know the answers once Ill experience what I’m searching for. This might take a while though haha

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      3. Thank you Eva for the nice words always 🙂 I’m trying to make my thoughts and ideas somehow “visible to others” I’m not good in promoting myself and stuff
        You can never know actually, it might not take a while! I believe it will come the moment we stop searching hahaa

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      4. It will come when you least expect it. Okay I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve definitely stopped waiting so that’s a step. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but most of my post kinda sound very love sick. Haha

        Trying to be visible to others is actually everyone’s challenge. Well it surely is mine. It takes time and a lot of work.

        I haven’t been blogging for a long time so I’m not sure if I’m the best person to give out advices but here is what I’ve learned so far.

        It’s all about the interaction and the connection. For others to find your blog you have to find theirs first. Like what I did with you.

        I read content that I’m interested in and I comment what I feel about it. It’s about being genuine and connecting as well.

        So with great content and great connection, you’ll become more visible. You just have to you know.. get yourself out there.

        Blogging parties help as well. But finding them is a challenge.

        Asking bloggers with a following to read your work is also a great way to get noticed.

        You should read blogs about blogging. There are a handful. Those helped me alottttt.

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      5. Thank you so much for the valuable advices and tips, I will certainly follow them!
        As you said it’s the interaction and connection and this is the most important to me, I’m very honest, very real, I’m here to express myself and reach people that maybe my words can help them or making them feel better or simply just interested to check the other people perspective…
        And even if you’re not been blogging for some long, I’m sure you can always help with advice and information. Each person we meet can teach us something as i believe deeply so thank you 😊
        And regarding « most of your post kinda sound very love six », I disagree. Why? Because I believe we just state our feelings whatever they are! There are some writings I really couldn’t read them after I wrote them but no shame, this is how I felt at some point that’s it…I don’t write to gather fans, I just put my feelings in writing that’s it! And I don’t apologize for feeling in a certain way.
        Best of luck always 👍😊

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      6. Anytime. 😊 I’m really glad that I could be of help. That made my day.

        Meeting new people often does teach us new things. It’s simply up to us on how we receive it.

        Blogging in a sense is like keeping a journal. It keeps track of what we are feeling at that certain moment in time. ——Thank for disagreeing with me. If you didn’t I wouldn’t have realised this!

        Have a great day. Continue to inspire. Don’t stop doing what you love 😊

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      7. Good morning 😊 « Blogging is like keeping a journey and keeps a track of what we are feeling at certain moment » you said it all!
        Hope my feelings will always inspire and add something to people’s lives
        I will always speak my mind so I might disagree with you more often 😉
        Enjoy the weekend if it’s your weekend 😌 it is here
        Have a good time 😊

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  3. I think we fall in love with the idea of people all the time. Loving a pretty face or a polished exterior is easy. Even the idea of how talented or good someone is at something makes falling in love with them seem natural. But genuinely falling in love is a choice we make every day to say, I will be patient I will be kind I will not judge or be envious. I think the ability to fall in love with others in this way is a gift of the human spirit and shows us just how truly deeply we are capable of loving. It does stink when the person we are infatuated with does not feel the same way as we do. But it should feel good to know that we are openly choosing to love every day and if we continue to do so then we will eventually hit the mark, and the person of our dreams will love us back the same way we love them. So if you are in love with someone that doesn’t feel the same way about you ask yourself what is it about that person that has you so head over heels chances are you can find those same qualities in another. Thanks for writing this. I enjoy your stuff.

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    1. Wow. Your response is simply overwhelming. Thank you so much for your kind words. You inspire me to work even harder to create better content😊

      Thank you so much for dropping by and giving your honest thoughts on this mind boggling question.

      You are right about this one “So if you are in love with someone that doesn’t feel the same way about you ask yourself what is it about that person that has you so head over heels chances are you can find those same qualities in another.”—— although each person is different one way or another we are bound to have the same qualities. Out of the billions out there surely there is one with that same, particular quality. We just have to find them! Thank you for making me realise that.

      I also think that it’s human nature for us to initially fall in love with the superficial aspects of the person. To stay in love with a person and their imperfections is a choice.

      It was really great to bounce off ideas with you. Everything seems to be clear now. I do hope to hear from you again in my future post 😊

      Have a great day 😊

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      1. Absolutely you will keep doing what you are doing it is great work. I just started truly writing a couple months ago after a lifetime of denying what I loved to do. It feels so incredible to be able to write and fall into a community of people who love writing and inspiring and asking meaningful questions of life everyday. It is a blessing to share in this journey with you and others I have met along the way. Keep on Keeping on: to be human is to “err” but to write about being human is Devine. I don’t know who said that but I think its a real thing. Haha. have a great day.

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      2. Denying ourselves of something we love is a great sin I think. It’s like depriving ourselves of true happiness. I’m glad you finally got to do what you love and sharing it to others as well.

        As for the community around us. It’s simply amazing.

        It is my wish to tigger various emotions amongst my reader and to make them think of life in a different perspective.

        I’m am still learning and still growing more and more everyday. Thank you for the compliments, it is truly an inspiration.

        Cheers to a great year ahead. Keep doing what you are doing. Have a great day😊

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  4. I’ll have to agree with #1 and also, I found – when I was dating, I’m now married, that when I fell in love, I fell hard. I wasn’t perhaps the one saying, I love you first, but when I was in love, I was in it! Nope! Doesn’t help.

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    1. “We cannot choose who we fall in love with but we can choose who we stay in love with”——- this line of yours is beautiful. It is so relatable. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it 😊

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