A Rude Awakening

To be born is a blessing.

To be able to enjoy nature’s beauty is a blessing.

To be able to have a chance to say “I love” and “I’m sorry” is a blessing.

Youth is indeed a beautiful thing. It is an era of one’s life where one simply enjoys being young.

A lot of books and songs were made in order to celebrate this milestone in our lives. A lot of movies too were made that clearly showed what it is “to be young, wild and free.”

Youth, like a burning lamp glowing brightly through out the dark night, eventually burns out and fade away.

Being in my late 20s made me realise the my own light is slowly dimming out as the years continue to pass by.

Responsibilities begin to start pilling up. Bills payment, insurance, healthcare plans, … and the list does not simply stop there.

From attending sweet sixteen parties and debuts back in the day, invitations sent in the mail are now of weddings or of baptismal ceremonies.

Before I even had a chance to blink. . . time flew by instantly.

This is what happens when you get caught up in everything. And this is what life throws at you casually.

  • Trying desperately to find any good opportunity you can simply get your hands on.
  • Trying to meet ends meet on a monthly basis
  • And simply.. trying to get by everyday.

I too was blinded by all that.

  • Trying to get into the best college and working my way up.
  • Trying to find the best opportunity that could propel me all the way to the top.
  • And simply.. trying as hard as I could.

This was how I lived.

Is this how you live as well?

Until one day, a rude awakening came by knocking on my doorsteps.

I began to slowly see the wrinkles on my mom’s face. Age spots that washed away her youthful beauty. And my dad’s thick black hair was now thinning out in grey hues.

When did I miss all that?

Did you miss all those details as well?

And that’s when it hit me…hard. Time doesn’t stop because we work tirelessly. And most importantly, time doesn’t halt because we want it to.

So as my youth slowly fades away, here are some of the things I want to remind myself in a day to day basis.

  1. Appreciate life, it is a blessing to wake up every single day.
  2. Amidst everything, spend time with the people who matter most. Family and friends won’t be there forever. Cherish every moment.
  3. Say “I’m sorry”, coz we do make mistakes. Say “I love you”, since time won’t tell when it would be the last.

What are the top three things you want to remember on a day to day basis?

Feel free to answer any of the bolded questions up above.

I really can’t wait to hear from you.

What are you thoughts? Please do comment down below.

Let us all share the love this holiday season 😊


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14 thoughts on “A Rude Awakening

  1. I still feel and think I am 26. But the truth is I am 50 next year. I have to remind myself that when my knee gives out doing squats, or I look online and see all the men my age look SOOO old (until I remember that I do too if I don’t dye my hair). Time flies. I hear of someone dying at 65 or 70 and think Gosh thats too young.
    Enjoy it everyday as it goes on; because, it goes y quickly.
    Thanks for the really good read!

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    1. Hi Kate. Thank you for dropping by once again and for sharing your thoughts. It’s always nice to see a familiar face and I am really touched by this.

      Hitting 50 is definitely a milestone worth celebrating. I’d like to think age is simply a number and we are all young in our hearts haha. Don’t you think so too?

      Life should be lived and enjoyed every single day.


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  2. I never lived month to month thinking of the future and I never had a clear career path or goal in mind either. I think I still don’t . But that does not mean that life doesn’t pass me by without me even noticing at times. Just this last summer I was travelling with my dad – whom I hadn’t seen in 3 years – and couldn’t help but notice how old he’d become, how much slower he walks. etc.

    As for what I want to remember on a day to day basis, well, I guess its only that we will all die and don’t know when so I mustn’t wait for tomorrow to do the things I want.
    I know that sounds like a cliche but its true.

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    1. Great seeing you again. Thank you for this overwhelming response😊

      I guess I succeeded in making a thought provoking blog post. I am so glad that I got this kind of response from you. 😊

      I’ve never thought of that it in that perspective. Thank you for that.

      We all live differently but at the end of the end of day, it all boils down to the same thing. We must face the fact that we are mortal beings and one day we will die.

      To me, It doesn’t sound cliche at all.

      Let us live our lives beautifully. I do hope I get the chance to travel.. like really travel, like you.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I really really appreciate it 😊

      It’s a always great to remember all the things we should be grateful for. That way we will continue to live our lives being thankful.

      Really great insight.

      Have a great day 😊

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  3. I’ve been living practically as you described. Caught up in everything, trying to make the most of my time here. Working hard, trying to find good opportunities to improve myself. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with that. In fact, the fact that time marches on no matter what and that my parents and friends won’t be with me forever makes me in an even greater rush to become someone who my friends and family can be proud of. Of course, saying “sorry” when I make a mistake is a given, I do not want any of my relationships to ever be strained for too long a period of time because we never know when the other party might leave this world. Even if they are not necessarily old.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate your insight on this.

      It helps to keep a handful of good relationships around us… it is definitely one of the ways to keep us going. Right?

      I like this line of yours by the way “I do not want any of my relationships to ever be strained for too long a period of time because we never know when the other party might leave this world”.

      There is this line that I always like to keep in mind but had forgotten through the years. “We never know someone’s worth until they are gone.” Thank you for remind me of this 😊

      Have a great day 😊

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  4. Very interesting post, for me I want to remember how much I love my daughter, my husband and my parents. I want to remember how much hard work my dad and mom did to brought me up to the person I am. I want to remember all the gods blessings during good and bad days. 💖

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    1. Thank you very much for dropping by. I really really appreciate it 😊

      Most especially thank you for sharing. Do continue sharing the love with everyone around you, that’s the greatest gift you can give them. 😊

      Blessings are meant to be remembered during both the good and bad days. Thank you for reminding me this.

      Have a great day😊

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    1. Thank you for stopping by. I’m very glad you did. It allowed me to discover another great content… yours. I enjoyed reading your work very much 😊

      Let’s continue enjoying life experiences. Great input 😊

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