Loving Like There Is No Tomorrow

    • Have you ever loved someone that your heart was so full, you felt that it could burst any moment?
      Have you ever came across a person, whom you dreamt of spending the rest of your life with?
      Have you ever dreamt of living like a Princess, with a Prince Charming by your side, and having a Happily Ever After?

    Will your “HAVE YOU EVERs” remain just a fantasy? Is there even the tiniest possibility for it to… maybe, someday, hopefully, become a reality?

    For one type of species this is their reality. That once they find their partner, they become one and with that a happily ever after. To them, forever is their reality.


    • Probably be skeptical at this point.
    • Probably have numerous doubts by now.
    • Probably have laughed out loud as to the ridiculousness of this idea.

    A happily ever after at this age and time? Is it even possible?

    What if I told you that eternal love existed? Would you believe me?

    Have you ever came across of the Eternal Honeymooners?

    According to studies it has been said that once these creatures find their partners, they mate for life.

    To brings things in a more romantic perspective it is said that once they find their love, they become one. And once their end comes, they find solace in it and die in each other’s arms.

    It is the epitome of each and everyone’s romantic fantasies. However it is not shared by humans per se but by parasities, worms to be specific.


    Kingdom: Animalia

    Phylum: Platyhelminthes

    Class: Trematoda

    Order: Diplostomida

    Family: Schistosomatidae

    Genus: Schistosoma

    Species: S. japonicu


    Schistosomes are blood fluke parasites commonly found in the regions of China, Philippines, Sri Lanka Asia and Lindu Lake.

    These worms are infamous for causing chronic disease, like Katayama fever, liver fibrosis, liver cirrhosis, liver portal hypertension, splenomegaly, and ascites.

    In short it can cause serious problems in the body and without treatment it can kill.

    Gory details aside, this blog isn’t about its morphology and pathophysiology.

    What amazes me up to this moment is the beauty of their life cycle. The simple fact that, they are one with each other for life.

    This is what sets this parasite apart from its counterparts. A unique and defining characteristic that even differentiates itself from humans.

    I am not degrading the human species by comparing us to some lower lifeform that even unheard by most people.

    What I’m trying to drive at is this.

    We have many goals and aspirations. We dream to live a certain kind of life with a certain type of person we call ideal.

    Despite the complexities that our mind sets for us, our deepest desires are simple. Simple enough that it can be examplified by creatures that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

    It is to find eternal love.

    But reality turned sour and made love into a complicated mess. Love now has to meet certain expectations and standards.

    I do admit that I’ve set my standards quite high.

    Fall in love by 30, have a family by 35 and live a happily ever after.

    Is this even feasible?

    I felt the need to secure my future first before giving into the silly fantasies that love could offer. I felt the need to find someone driven, with a good education,with a good family and with the capabilities to provide well.

    In order to live a good life in this fast paced society, one has to be ideal.

    Most definitely!

    But remember love doesn’t stem from what is ideal. It comes from the simplest things that life has to offer.

    Love isn’t something we create but rather a choice we make.

    Just fight for what you deem worthy. It may not be eternal but it can be lasting.

    Till death do as part

    I know this post is quite a cliche. But every since I learned about the schistosomes and their life cycle back in school, I began to dream.

    That maybe there is such thing called a lasting love. Maybe if you look hard enough, with open eyes and an open heart it could be real. Maybe if you fight tooth and limb, it could last.

    When I go to sleep tonight, I dream to love, to love like Schistosomes.

    Do you share this dream of mine? Have you experienced this kind of love? What did you do to keep it growing?

    ❤️ Eva

    © 2018 Eva Gamallo

    Photocredits: freeimage.com

    2 thoughts on “Loving Like There Is No Tomorrow

    1. Well it looks like me and my hubby have this worm relationship! I always wanted the ideal and was so lucky enough to find it – BUT then it took working at to keep it fresh and lasting at the same time, with bags of honesty and trust and talking. So if it comes along, grab it, but then allow each other to grow as individuals would be my advice. Looking back after over 30 years, I also now realise how luck plays such a huge part. So I share you dream, as it was my own, and I wish the same for you!


      1. Wow. Thank you very much for sharing your story. I would like to say that the both of you are very lucky to have it each other for in every relationship it definitely takes two to tango.

        I know I am still young but lately I’ve lost the faith in the beauty of this “worm relationship”. But thank you for restoring my faith and for making me believe again. If the right time comes I’ll surely grab it.

        If you don’t mind me asking, how did you guys meet. How did it all began?

        My wish for you is still the same and that is continued happiness. I hope you continue to share this beautiful story with others as well.


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