Writers Becoming Inspired by Other Writers

Have you ever watched a show that was so gripping you stayed up all night just to watch it?

I’m probably not alone in saying yes am I? I recently just finished the korean mini series “The Universe’s Star.” The drama is one of the “Three Color Fantasy” drama trilogy by MBC and NAVER released last January 2017.

The drama revolved around the love story of Woo Joo and Byul. Woo Joo is a genius song writer who tragically fell in love with a 19 year old student who then became a grim reaper.

The show not only held my attention for three straight hours but also left a lasting impression in me. An impression so great that it even inspired me to write a reflection piece.

To all those who haven’t seen the show fear not, there is plenty of time to check it out after this blog. Please do not feel uneasy. Rest assured there are no spoilers.

So why am I writing about a show without having the intention of writing a review or a preview of it. You could simply call it deviating from the norm and taking a risk.

So back to the drama. What definitely pulled some heartstrings wasn’t the semi cliche love story shared by a top star and his fan but something else embedded in the story itself.

I would like to give a big appreciation to the writer, to the director, to the actors and the rest of the production staff for producing such a high quality film.

The drama itself was beautifully written. The dialogues between the characters were grippping. The plot was delivered in a manner that told a full story yet left room for viewers to imagine.

But what amazed me even more was the writer’s power to leave such a great impact to its viewers.

There and then I realised that this is what every aspiring writer should be striving for. It is to create pieces that would leave a lasting impression to anyone and everyone who shares the same passion for art.

Writing is an art form in which a lot of people could participate in. With just a pen and paper, imaginations could run wild, and with that a masterpiece could be made from scratch.

Writing does not discriminate. It does not choose social status nor any educational attainment. It is open to anyone who chooses to enjoy it. However it is taken for granted most of the times.

So what differentiates an extraordinary work? To me, a great literary piece is one that leaves a good impression to its audience.

So a simple reminder to all those writers seeking for inspiration. Create because you want to inspire and because you want to leave a mark in people’s thoughts.

“Write in moments of inspiration. Write until your heart hurts. Write until you made an impact to your audience. Write until you make something you are proud of.”

What are you thoughts? Any tips you would be willing to share?What inspires you to be a better writer?

❤️ Eva

© 2018 Eva Gamallo

The Universe’s Star Credits and Photo credits to MBC and Naver

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