The Essence of Blogging

I often wonder about a lot of things…

Why do people sit in front of their laptops with their eyes glued on the screen as busy hands type away on their keyboards? What are they writing about? Will others be reading it too? Is it worth all the hassle just to finish a blog?

What is the end goal of those writers? Is it to be published and earn royalties through their work? Or could it be for the thrill of having their work read by millions of people on the web?

Like most people who signed up and registered in blogging university by WordPress; Today, publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post is the first fundamental one must learn when it comes to blogging. In order to accomplish this task, I became one of those people, busy typing away in the wee hours of dawn.

In order to be exemplified as an eager pupil, here are my answers to questions written above.

Who am I?

1. A 26 year old with a Doctorate in Medicine who is quite eager to share her thoughts to the rest of the world.

2. An avid reader who dreams to write but has no experience whatsoever.

3. A student hungry to experience what the literary world has to offer.

Why am I here?

1. Curiosity brought me here.

2. To have an outlet with regards to my experiences in the medical field.

3. To bask in the beauty of writing.

That pretty much sums up my homework for the day as expected by my fellow colleagues. As I end this blog, a new sense of fulfilment dawns into me.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is not an easy task. Breaking out from the rigid walls of the hospital and into something more expressive is a breath of fresh air.

Creative writing is the total opposite of a medical history. I for one am glad to not have began this post with…”one day prior to admission patient had a sudden onset of….”

As this blog comes to a close, now I’ve finally understood why people spend endless hours in passionately putting their thoughts into words.

1. It is to break free from their set routine.

2. To bounce off new ideas from one person to another.

3. And to simply open their thoughts to others who in turn shares the same passion, May it be the world or a single person.

❤️ Eva

7 thoughts on “The Essence of Blogging

    1. It’s definitely a fun filled journey. When I started blogging. I felt like blogging and being a doctor were two worlds apart. But later on I realised that they are very much alike.

      Both provides opportunities to reach out to various people in order to heal and to inspire.
      But I enjoy both equally 😊


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